Limmud FSU at Limmud UK !

December 25, 2018

Special reunion at the annual Limmud UK!
L-R: Shoshana Bloom - next Limmud Chair, Limmud FSU founder Chaim Chesler, Limmud Chair David Hoffman, Limmud FSU Executive Director Roman Kogan and Chief Executive of Limmud Eli Ovits.

Limmud FSU leaders were joined by members of our delegation to the conference - Vladimir Kropatchev from Limmud Moscow, Dima Mevzos from Limmud FSU Europe and Alex Katz from Limmud FSU Canada.

Moreover, Chesler and Kogan had given a special session during the annual event, “The continuing journey of Russian speaking Jewry”, during which they revealed some exciting findings from the latest survey from an anticipated Limmud FSU strategic plan. Full report will be released soon so stay tuned!

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