Limmud FSU Moscow, 2018

Limmud FSU New York

Limmud FSU Australia, 2016

Limmud FSU West Coast in Los Angeles, 2016

Limmud FSU Moscow, 2016

Limmud FSU Canada, 2018

Limmud FSU New York, 2014

Limmud FSU leadership with Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, 2016

So Who We Are?

Limmud FSU brings together and empowers Jews of all ages, with an emphasis on young adults, who are revitalizing Jewish communities and culture, inspired by the rich history and unique legacy of Russian-speaking Jewry. We are dedicated to providing rich educational experiences—for the community, to the community, and by the community.

The original concept of "Limmud" (from the Hebrew word "to learn”) was developed in UK 40 years ago and has spread to Jewish communities across the world - while Limmud FSU is an entirely independent organization that focuses on the Russian speaking Jews worldwide.

Since the inaugural conference in Moscow in 2006, Limmud FSU has created an independent educational and communal network of annual conferences and festivals based on volunteers, attracting more than 75,000 participants.

We're currently active in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russian Far East and Volga-Urals region), Canada, Ukraine, Australia, Israel, United States (East and West Coast), Moldova, Belarus and Western Europe.

As for now Limmud FSU is the most popular and successful project for the Russian speaking Jewish diaspora in the world.

What We Do?

Our worldwide conferences usually run for 2-3 full days (including accommodation) and include dozens of seminars, lectures, workshops, and discussions taking place simultaneously.

Between 300 and 2,500 people participate in each conference where they get to pick, choose and create their individual program.

Our programs include a wide range of distinguished faculty who present on diverse topics of Jewish interest; parallel tracks offering study and worship in Orthodox and Progressive practice; music, dance, theatre, film; media discussions and more.

Topical sessions on wide-ranging issues include, but are not limited to Jewish traditions, politics, Jewish history, connection to Israel and the Diaspora, culture, the Holocaust, Jewish cooking, intermarriage and many more.

Our principles:


While our events are dedicated to Russian-speaking Jews, our conferences and seminars are always open to those from all backgrounds who want to engage in dynamic Jewish study and learning, and we welcome people of all ages and levels of Jewish observance.

Free-for-all, all-for-free

Our community is made of an extraordinary group of inspired professionals, scholars, rabbis, and artists who generously donate their time as volunteers and who receive no compensation from our seminars and conferences.

Roam as you wish

Our conferences and seminars welcome attendees on an open registration basis. Wherever you find yourself, Limmud FSU will take you one step further on your Jewish journey. Sessions are not compulsory – attend as many or as few as you like.

Paying your own way

Each Limmud FSU conference or seminar participant pays a conference fee. Special discounts are available to those who volunteer to help conference organizers.


More than 75,000 young Jewish people participated in our events in 15 years


First ever Limmud FSU event was held in 2006 in Moscow


More than 100 babies were born to couples that met at our events - we call them “Limmud FSU babies”