So Who We Are?

Limmud FSU is where vibrant Jewish heritage meets the future. We empower Jews, especially young adults, in reconnecting with their roots, celebrating our unique history, and rejuvenating Jewish communities. At the heart of our mission? Education.

From the UK's pioneering "Limmud" idea—meaning "Learn" in Hebrew— 40 years ago, we've crafted a niche for Jews with ties to the Former Soviet Union. Founded in 2005, Limmud FSU has since birthed an impressive global network of volunteer-driven events, engaging over 80,000 participants.

We proudly wave our flag across the US (East and West Coast), Israel, Canada, Western Europe, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Australia. Today, we're recognized as the premier initiative for the FSU Jewish diaspora worldwide.

Join us. Support a legacy. Shape the future.

What We Do?

Our global conferences last 2-3 days, with accommodation included. Attendees can choose from many simultaneous seminars, lectures, and workshops.

Each conference attracts 150 to 2,500 attendees who can customize their own schedules. Participants craft their own journey, picking from a diverse array of topics presented by esteemed faculty.

From Jewish traditions, history, and politics to the nuanced relationship between Israel and the Diaspora - the participants immerse in rich cultural offerings, whether it's music, dance, theatre, or film; Engage in thought-provoking sessions, be it discussions about the Holocaust, Jewish cooking and many more.

Our principles:


While our events are dedicated to the FSU Jews, our conferences and seminars are always open to those from all backgrounds who want to engage in dynamic Jewish study and learning, and we welcome people of all ages and levels of Jewish observance.

Free-for-all, all-for-free

Our community is made of an extraordinary group of inspired professionals, scholars, rabbis, and artists who generously donate their time as volunteers and who receive no compensation from our seminars and conferences.

Roam as you wish

Our conferences and seminars welcome attendees on an open registration basis. Wherever you find yourself, Limmud FSU will take you one step further on your Jewish journey. Sessions are not compulsory – attend as many or as few as you like.

Paying your own way

Each Limmud FSU conference or seminar participant pays a conference fee. Special discounts are available to those who volunteer to help conference organizers.


More than 80,000 young Jewish people participated in our events in 18 years


First ever Limmud FSU event was held in 2005


More than 150 babies were born to couples that met at our events - we call them “Limmud FSU babies”