Noam Shumakh - Khaimov
Limmud FSU West Coast
project manager

"Limmud FSU allows us to write our own story, a story where everything that happens is a reflection of our unique experience, our heritage, and our passions.It gives us a voice in the very important contemporary American-Jewish conversation, and it helps us claim our name and place"

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Limmud FSU West Coast

The new spirit of the Pacific

Today, attracted by the successful Limmud model, Russian-Jewish volunteers are driving the expansion to the Pacific Coast. They have a desire to learn, to lead, and to become more involved with Jewish communal life and Israel.

The project hopes to inspire young people intellectually and spiritually. In 2016 the project came to the West Coast for the first time with a premiere event in Los Angeles. The main goal - to serve as a forum to explore, express and experience the common Russian Jewish heritage in the best Limmud tradition. The event included more than 60 sessions including workshops, discussions, masterclasses, film screenings, lectures, and a full teenage and children programs. Moreover- the program included also a stand-up comedy, music, dancing, spirited Shabbat celebration, Saturday Night Awards Gala and concert, and late night jam sessions.

In 2017 a record number of 800 Russian-speaking Jews attended the first ever Limmud FSU West Coast conference in the San Francisco Bay Area, the biggest Jewish event geared towards the Russian-speaking Jewish community in the whole region. It took place at Marriott City Center Oakland, after months of work done by a devoted team of young adult volunteers and leadership, and featured an array of more than 100 diverse sessions and speakers from around the world on various subjects, with a special focus on the field of innovation, hi-tech and technology.