"Limmud FSU's task of bringing young FSU Jews closer to Judaism and to the State of Israel is holy work and should be continued"

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

"The work of Limmud FSU is of fundamental significance and importance to a large number of Jews all over the world, many of whom were cut off from Jewish culture and learning for decades"

Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Minister of Defence

"What Limmud FSU is doing, bringing FSU Jews all over the globe to be much closer to the state of Israel and to the Jewish people - is extremely important and cruical for the future"

Danny Danon, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nation

"Limmud FSU conferences embody the very spirit, energy and excitement of a new and young generation who are eager to reconnect with their own rich intellectual and religious heritage"

Matthew Bronfman, Limmud FSU International Steering committee chair

"What is being Jewish about? Limmud FSU provides the young Jews an unfettered, safe learning environment to learn about their Jewish heritage and history"

Irwin Cotler, Canadian minister of parliament

"The relevance to you all here today at Limmud FSU is that the imperative for it stemmed from the appalling pogroms at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries"

Lord Roderick Balfour, Arthur Balfour’s great-grandson

Testimonials from our participants

Olga Lazar

An internal medicine physician at Limmud FSU Eilat

"This is my second Limmud, and it is very interesting because I’m getting a lot of fascinating information and meeting new people. I was very young during communism, but my parents and grandparents said it was extremely difficult to practice being Jewish. A lot of people were scared then. With Limmud FSU, I have dozens of lectures to choose from to learn what my family could not."

Mira Kamenskaya

23-year-old recent immigrant at Limmud FSU Eilat

"This is the first time I took part in Limmud FSU. I came because I heard from a lot of people that this event is very important for the FSU Jewish community in Israel. Also, I heard it is amazing and a great experience, so I wanted to participate."

Ksenia Abramova

25-year-old psychologist

"The first Limmud I went to was when I was a student, and it was really amazing. I loved that there were so many people and lectures that everyone can take part in. There’s a lot of freedom here, so you can participate or sleep in your room, but there’s always a lot of learning. I usually go to lectures about the Holocaust, because it is a very important thing and is so deep that you can learn about it your whole life. I also love lectures about Israel, which I love very much, and is my favorite country."

Tatiana (Tanya) Pashaeva

Limmud FSU former project manager

“People want to come because it is a change of scene, and it’s different than all the other Jewish programs. It’s creative, you can network, you can study, and it’s in a fun atmosphere. Some people don’t even go to any lectures and just come to meet people, but the lectures are also excellent. Everyone can find something for themselves, whether you are religious or not religious."

Viera Danchenko

28 years old

"I just like the atmosphere. Everyone is laughing and connecting, and although I’m not religious, I feel comfortable here."

Ilona Galembo

A biologist and Jewish leader

"I heard about it from my family and friends in Israel, who said it’s really, really cool, and that there’s going to be a lot of lectures and new people to meet. And I like that there are lectures about Jewish issues, children – anything you want."

Maria Toropova

26 years old

“This is a place where we can feel reunited as a community that has people in different cities. So, I can see my friends in Tel Aviv or other parts of the former Soviet Union. It’s nice to meet interesting people, and not to worry about Judaism as a religion."

Oleg Sakharov

23-year-old electrical engineer

"I came here to learn. The main thing about Limmud FSU is that you can choose from a lot of lectures, and talk to a lot of great people in person, which is really great because not many people get to do that."

Your testimonies and thoughts about Limmud FSU!

Alex Rosberg

I've been to 3 Limmuds aleardy, two in US and one in Israel, and I was beyond overwhelmed each time by the amazing energy and the quality of the presenters and lectures! Strongly recommended!

Nura Levin

At Limmud FSU you can network, you can study, and it’s in a fun atmosphere. Some people don’t even go to any lectures and just come to meet people, but the lectures are also excellent. Everyone can find something for themselves!

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