Our main goal -  to foster the next generation of young leadership and so revitalize Jewish communities in countries with Russian-Jewish communities worldwide.


Limmud FSU Australia 2018

Hundreds attend a Limmud FSU Festival in Sydney>>

Special 2018


Special 2018

A Memorial Plaque to Elie Wiesel Was Unveiled >>

Limmud FSU New York 2018

First ever event in Colombia University>>

Limmud FSU Moscow 2018

Breaking records at Moscow>>

Limmud FSU Global Summit

Ben-Gurion's hometown celebrated 70th anniversary of Israel >>

Limmud FSU Global Summit

Annual March of the Living - Limmud FSU leaders light memorial torches >>

Limmud FSU Israel 2017

Limmud FSU President Aaron G. Frenkel: "We have to preserve this spirit and keep on innovating" >>

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Limmud FSU Israel 2017

2,000 participants at the 10th Limmud FSU Israel in the city of Eilat >>

Limmud FSU St.Petersburg 2017

Record number of 750 young Jews at the annual event >>

Limmud FSU West Coast 2017

First ever Limmud FSU West Coast was held in San Francisco with more then 800 participants >>

Limmud FSU West Coast 2017

Formar US Secretary of State George Shultz presented with life achievement award by Natan Sharansky >>

Limmud FSU Ukraine 2017

Odessa Celebrated Bob Dylan's Jewish roots with 1,000 participants >>

Elie Wiesel's March

Residents of Sighet, Elie Wiesel's hometown in Romania, commamorated him in a speical march >>

Limmud FSU Moldova 2017

Jewish community remembers Elie Wiesel >>

Limmud FSU New York 2017

1000 participants gather for the annual  event in New York>>

Limmud FSU Moscow 2017

The anuual conference sees record attendance >>