Tatiana Pashaeva
Limmud FSU Israel project manager

"When I came for the first time to Limmud it blew my mind. In the Soviet Union in the 90s, if you were a Jew, everyone paid for you to come to Jewish programs, and here people are paying Limmud. People want to come because it is a change of scene, and it's different than all the other Jewish programs -you can network, you can study, and it's in a fun atmosphere.Some people don't even go to any lectures and just come to meet people. Everyone can find something for themselves, whether you are religious or not".

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Limmud FSU Israel

Becoming an integral part of the Jewish homeland

Historical, cultural, spirited, and lively Limmud FSU’s Israel festivals offer outstanding Jewish learning,Jewish connections, and Jewish food, music, and fashion, too.

Today, young Russian-Israelis from diverse backgrounds come together to Limmud FSU annual events to learn from one another, to develop a shared future, to heightened their sense of identity, and to make friends, sing, dance, and discuss important Jewish concerns together. Becoming an integral part of the Jewish homeland with understanding and passion, these young new Israelis feel it’s important to deepen their knowledge and history of the Jewish people.

Since 2008 the conferences in Israel took place in various locations across the country including the Holy City of Jerusalem, Eilat, Ashkelon, Beersheba, Nazareth Illit, and Kibbutz Ginosar on the shores of the Kinneret. They have inspired young Russian-Israelis with unique experiences and programming focused on their role and interests in the global Jewish world. In December 2017 the project in Israel celebrated its 10th anniversary, with more than 2,000 participants in the city of Eilat.