Anna Maylis
Limmud FSU Australia Project Manager

"I dfdvd that Limmud FSU is an exciting and unique opportunity for the community to meet interesting presenters, learn from world known intellectuals and professionals and share their own experience and expertise. Most importantly, Limmud FSU will unite the community to celebrate Jewish culture and identity”

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Limmud FSU Australia

Renaissance of Russian Jewish community on the world's smallest continent

Reaching out to the young Russian-speaking Jewish population across the vast country, the young Aussie participants can be sure of an exciting experience rooted in Jewish culture, values, traditions, and identity in a warm, egalitarian and pluralistic atmosphere, in Russian, English and Hebrew.

Of the approximately 120,000 Jews living in Australia, nearly 30,000 are themselves or their parents, immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The newest outpost of Jewish learning for young people with Russian backgrounds, these young Russian-Jewish Aussies are seeking knowledge and experiences based on Jewish values, traditions, and identity.

A local Limmud FSU Australia Organizing Committee, chaired by leaders of Russian community and young adults from leadership programs run by the ZFA and JAFI, made a great effort to reach the Limmud standarts and succeeded. Initial outreach to Russian-speaking young people focused on Sydney and Melbourne, communities with the large Jewish populations.

Limmud FSU Australia delivered its first conference held March 6-9, 2015 with a big success hosting over 200 participants, and a smaller gathering was organised in Sydney for 150 participants. In 2016, Sydney hosted the second Australian Limmud FSU festival from 17th-18th September.