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LIMMUD FSU LABS — is a joint project of Limmud FSU and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs of the State of Israel. The goal is to create a meaningful and ongoing platform for varying forms of Jewish expression among different communities of young Russian-speaking Jews around the world, in order to promote a sense of national, collective and personal identity with the Jewish people and with the State of Israel.

Through the project, regional "Laboratories" are being created to provide comprehensive support, both professional and financial, for the development of educational and community initiatives among young Russian-speaking Jews.
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Limmud FSU
Limmud FSU nurtures open, pluralistic, dynamic learning platforms for Jews of all ages and backgrounds with roots in the Former Soviet Union. It embraces Jewish intellectual, cultural and religious traditions grounded in this shared experience, and develops Jewish communal leaders by engaging volunteers in the creation of our learning platforms.
The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs
The Ministry is entrusted with fostering the connection between world Jewry and the State of Israel, through joint activities and ongoing dialogue. The Israeli government sees itself as being responsible for all Jews worldwide, whether they live in Israel or the Diaspora.
Genesis Philanthropy Group
The project has been made possible with the generous support of Genesis Philanthropy Group (Limmud Labs Study Day for selected initiators)