Photo of Noam Shumakh - Khaimov
Noam Shumakh - Khaimov
Limmud FSU New York project manager

"Limmud FSU allows us to write our own story, a story where everything that happens is a reflection of our unique experience, our heritage, and our passions.It gives us a voice in the very important contemporary American-Jewish conversation, and it helps us claim our name and place"

Watch the full summary of Limmud FSU New York 2017, taking place in the Columbia University
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Limmud FSU New York

A lifeline to Jewish learning and involvement

Photo of young Russian-American Jews

Dynamic and visionary, annual New York conferences are forged with enthusiasm and genuine passion, helping young Russian-American Jews reconnect with their Judaic heritage, deepen their understanding of Israel, and develop their voice in the Jewish community.

Russian-speaking Jews make up as much as 15% of the United States Jewish population. For many Russian-speaking Jews in US, this is the first time they come together to celebrate their Jewishness. Celebrating a growing interest in Jewish learning and searching for their Jewish roots, Limmud FSU conferences in the Greater New York area begun in 2009 in the Hamptons.

Since then they are expanding exponentially, attracting hundreds of young Jewish adults of Russian backgrounds - 10,000 conference guests and around 1,000 volunteers have taken part in our conferences in the US. Diverse programming, wide ranging lectures and entertainment offer a way to come together and to enjoy eclectic conversations, meaningful discussions, and heated debate between the participants.