Leadership and Management

The members of the Executive Committee set operational policy for Limmud FSU, authorize budgetary adjustments between International Executive Committee sessions, and set guidelines for the preparation of the annual work plan. Moreover, they work closely with the team of our organization’s high-quality professionals in order to carry out the events all around the globe

Matthew Bronfman
Chairman of the
International Steering Committee

Our major supporter and has been involved with Limmud FSU in a leadership role since 2009. Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Matthew serves as Chairman and CEO of BHB Holdings. As one of the largest American Jewish investors in the Israeli economy, Bronfman is also the main shareholder in IKEA Israel. Attended Harvard Business School where he graduated in 1985. Matthew’s philanthropic interests besides Limmud FSU include national chairman, American Jewish Committee’s ACCESS program; chairman, Teamwork Foundation; and member of the board of 92nd Street Y.

Aaron G. Frenkel
President of Limmud FSU International

International businessman and entrepreneur, Loyd's Group owner since the late 80s. In the 90’s provided major assistance in bringing Olim from the former Soviet Union, and today plays an active role in public initiatives in Israel and abroad. Was awarded the French Legion of Honor; Mecenate of Russia by the president of the Russian Federation; Chevalier of the Ordre de Grimaldi of Monaco; Chairman of the governing board of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress; Vice President of the World Jewish Congress; honorary consul of the Republic of Croatia; president of the Monaco Jewish community.

Chaim Chesler
Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee

Founder of Limmud FSU. Chaim is in charge of programs and activities, presentation of initiatives and the execution of policy directives approved by the Executive Committee. As Chairman of the Executive Committee, Chaim leads the negotiations with organizations and foundations, and facilitates the inclusion of their representatives in Limmud FSU’s forums. Chaim headed the Jewish Agency for Israel’s delegation to the former Soviet Union and the United States, and served as treasurer of the Jewish Agency.

Sandra F. Cahn
Limmud FSU’s Co-Founder
and its FRD Committee Chair

Sandra was instrumental in enlisting crucial support for organization’s creating and has been active in promoting its activities and fundraising efforts ever since. She has long been involved in fundraising for major organizations. She co-founded UJA-Federation of New York’s Women’s Executive Circle, a group serving female CEOs, CFOs, and presidents of significant corporations. Serves on the boards of the American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, UJA-Federation of New York and is a past president of the Queens College Hillel.

Roman Kogan
Executive Director for Limmud FSU International

Roman Kogan is responsible for Limmud FSU’s day to day operations, agreements with partner organizations and contractors, budget management and funds release. He supervises and counsels the project managers and promotes the growth of volunteer leadership. Roman is also the Executive Director of Limmud FSU International Foundation Inc. as well as of the Israel based non-profit association Limmud Russian-Speakers, Israel.

Chaim Nagus
Financial and Management Consultant
to Limmud FSU

Works directly with the Chairman of the Executive and the Executive Director in the preparation of budgetary materials and the operation of financial control mechanisms, responsible for the compilation of financial reports and general accounts. Advises and in the preparation and implementation of all forms of contractual arrangements, and coordinates the employment conditions for senior personnel.

Yan Birbraer
Logistics Director for Limmud FSU International

Serving as the logistics director, Yan is responsible for the logistics of Limmud FSU activities worldwide. He coordinates travel arrangements for overseas guest presenters attending conferences in different countries, and provides support with special logistics and the production of cultural events, exhibitions, summits and more. Former Limmud FSU Israel project manager, he was responsible for the logistics of activities in Israel, as well as the programmatic aspects and the coordination of the volunteer committees.

Natasha Chechik
Director of Public Affairs and Communications

Coordinates Limmud FSU’s governmental and institutional relations, handles the press relations and public image of the entire organization, and manages its marketing activities. Reporting directly to the founder, Natasha is responsible for organization’s public image in the global media, management of consulting firms and advisers, and in charge of all organization’s social media platforms, online fundraiser campaigns, official international website and the official Limmus FSU's blog.

Limmud FSU consultants

Asher Weill

English language consultant and editor for all publications, conference brochures, reports, and correspondence. Was the one to introduce western publishing standards to Israel and published the biographies and writings of a very large number of Israel's political leaders; edited the country's leading arts magazine for over 20 years; was a founding director of the Jerusalem International Book Fair, the Israel Debating Society, and the Anglo-Israel Colloquium; and recipient of the Jerusalem Book Fair's Friend of Jerusalem and the Nefesh beNefesh Bonei Zion Awards.

Deborah Lipson

Deborah is responsible for the English-language programs / booklets of conferences (in non-English speaking countries), as well as fundraising and development. She was born in London and studied Russian and French at university in England, as well as in Paris and Moscow.She made Aliya in 1983 and worked, with Chaim Chesler, in the campaign for Soviet Jewry, and later in the Jewish Agency.She worked for the Soviet Jewry Zionist Forum and then for JDC. For the past 17 years she has dealt with fundraising for Jewish Agency educational projects from Holocaust-related funds.

Limmud FSU Project Managers

Tatiana (Tanya) Pashaeva
St Petersburg, Israel, West EU, Volga-Urals

Tanya was born in Millerovo, in the Rostov region of Russia, and was active in different youth organizations. After graduation she left for Moscow and graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics with an MA degree in marketing management. Tanya was appointed Project Manager for Russia at the beginning of 2015. Since her Aliyah in January 2016, coordinates Limmud FSU events and activities for Israel, St. Petersburg, Volga-Urals and Western Europe.

Galina Murakhovskaya

Galina is a graduate of the ORT School in Moscow. She obtained a first degree in economics at the People’s Friendship University of Russia and later received a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix, Arizona. She spent several years working in the oil, wood processing and construction industries. As an active member of the Jewish community of Moscow she subsequently joined the Moscow office of the American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and led its KAET (School of Social Entrepreneurship) program.

Galina Rybnikova
Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova

Galina commenced work as Project Manager for the Limmud conference in the Ukraine, whose venue varies within the country. Soon afterwards, she undertook the organization of two annual conferences. Galina assumed responsibility for Limmud FSU activities in Belarus and Moldova in addition to Ukraine. She is also the General Manager of the charitable foundation, Limmud in Ukraine, which is now Limmud FSU’s operating arm for that country.

Noam Shumakh-Khaimov
New York and West Coast

Originally from Donetsk, Ukraine Noam spent several years in Israel working in the informal Jewish education. She came to the United States in 2008 as an emissary of the Jewish Agency. Noam oversees the organization and operation of the annual conference for the Greater New York (Tri-State) area and also responsible for Limmud FSU West Coast conference which took place for the first time in January 2016, following over eighteen months of intensive preparations, with emphasis on volunteer leadership development.

Mila Voihanski

Originally from Lvov, Ukraine, Mila’s family moved to Toronto, Canada in 1974.Mila earned a Bachelor of Social Work at York University in Toronto and then a Master of Social Work at Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York. She rose through the ranks at Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS) to become a team supervisor, then executive director of JIAS Toronto, and then CEO of JIAS Canada. Mila is also responsible for outreach, recruitment events and other Limmud FSU activities throughout Canada.

Anna Maylis

Anna Maylis was born in Ukraine in 1973, made aliya at 17, and moved to Sydney 20 years ago. Anna has been working as a Hebrew teacher for 20 years, as well as the Director of the Kids Theatre –“JeSTAR” for 6 years. In 2015, Anna became an event coordinator for the Russian-speaking Jewish community in Sydney, and served as co-chair of Limmud FSU Australia organizing committee.