Galina Rybnikova
Limmud FSU Belarus project manager

“This is a very unusual Jewish project, mostly because this is not only a project, but a way of life. It is real, there is nothing artificial in it. It is a project of friends: everyone who comes to the conferences bring their friends with them, and creates a truly magnificent "chain" reaction that the Limmud FSU celebration is the direct result of it".

Watch the full summary of Limmud FSU Belarus 2019, taking place in the city of Minsk
Limmud FSU Belarus

Celebration of Jewish history and exceptional traditions

With a long and colorful Jewish heritage, Belarus is a country which celebrates the Jewish past - Israeli presidents and noted statesmen; international artists, writers, and poets; and a significant intellectual Jewish spirit.

There are currently about 70,000 Jews living in Belarus. Bringing together the Jewish community together, the project enables young people to touch and feel Jewish culture and life. Most important, the model provides a template for learning about Jewish values, Jewish history, and their place in the global Jewish conversation.

In 2013, Limmud FSU held its first festival of Jewish learning in Vitebsk, birthplace of one of most popular modern artists Marc Chagall. The conference featured a packed program of lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, music and a wide range of cultural events.A second conference took place in the same location in September 2014 with over 600 participants. In 2016 third conference was held in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, with more than 750 young Jewish adults from all around the country.