Galina Rybnikova

Limmud FSU Ukraine project manager

"Limmud FSU is all about people and people of Limmud FSU are very special. They are doing this not because it’s a job, there is no boss and they are not workers. It’s about friendship and togetherness in doing something amazing, unforgettable experience for every single person"









Limmud FSU Ukraine

Discovering treasures in the richess of Ukrainian Jewish history

Today, throughout Ukraine, the revival of interest, especially among younger generations, in Jewish learning is burgeoning at annual Limmud FSU conferences and festivals.

Ukraine is rich in Jewish history - all forms of Jewish worship, ritual, learning and culture. Beginning in Yalta in 2008, annual Limmud FSU festivals in Ukraine have become a tradition and central to the resurgence of Jewish life in the country . Inspiring festivals of Jewish education have been held in various parts of Ukraine - Odessa, Truskavetz, Uzhgorod, Vinnitsa, Yalta and Lviv.

Today, young Ukrainian Jews eagerly seek to meet new people, attend lectures and master classes, join discussions, hear concerts, and hang out in parties and nightly gatherings – all central to the whole Limmud FSU experience.