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LIMMUD FSU conference in N.J. to EXPLORE what makes Russian-American Jews successful high-Tech Innovators

New York, March 13 – Over 800 young Russian-American Jews from across the country will come together in Parsippany, NJ, March 28-30, for Limmud FSU (former Soviet Union), the biggest gathering of Russian Jews in North America. Limmud FSU is a festival of Jewish learning featuring a packed program of lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, music and a wide-range of cultural events in three different languages – Russian, English and Hebrew. LEARN MORE


  • 13.04.2014
    The Iranian born Israeli singer, Rita Jahan-Farouz, known throughout the whole world simply as “Rita,” has agreed to appear as a guest star at a forthcoming Limmud FSU eventֿ!


    The Iranian born Israeli singer, Rita Jahan-Farouz, known throughout the whole world simply as “Rita,” has agreed to appear as a guest star at a forthcoming Limmud FSU eventֿ!
    The discussions with Rita took place during the annual Jerusalem Post conference in New York on the occasion of the opening of two Limmud FSU exhibits, one marking the centennial of the birth of Prime Minister Menachem Begin and the other, the 90th birthday of President Shimon Peres (both of whom were born in Belorussia – today’s Belarus).


  • 07.04.2014
    ‘Time to celebrate Israel’s assets, instead of focusing on its problems’

    Matthew Bronfman, chairman of Limmud FSU and son of the late Edgar Bronfman, said that the only way to get more Americans to fall in love with Israel is to encourage them to visit – especially on programs like Birthright.


  • 07.04.2014
    Reaching Russian Speakers, Where They Are

    Purists might describe this three-day conference as Limmud Lite, with little Jewish textual study or exploration of religion. But organizers and participants say LimmudFSU fits the needs and interests of young Russian-speakers who express their Jewish identity more through culture than religion and who have a strong interest in meeting and socializing with people like them, as they seek to navigate American society while maintaining their ethnic heritage.


  • 01.04.2014
    Rising Israeli literary star reflects on the modern woman’s burdens

    That is the premise of her novel, “Woman of Valor,” which was recently translated into English (Gefen 2013). She will discuss her book as well as critique the notion that women can do it all when she addresses the conference in Parsippany called Limmud FSU (Former Soviet Union); this is the largest gathering of Russian Jews in North America. The event features lectures devoted to Jewish culture.


  • 01.04.2014
    Limmud FSU Collaborates with The Fellowship; Expands to Canada, Australia and Western U.S

    On the heels of an extraordinarily successful fifth Limmud FSU program in the New York area, the organization announced a new global multi-year collaboration designed to enhance and develop the activities of Limmud FSU and expand their worldwide footprint.As part of the collaboration, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) has become a key partner to Limmud FSU and will provide funding that will allow Limmud FSU to engage more participants globally, most of whom are young Russian-speaking Jewish adults. The Fellowship’s president, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, will join Limmud FSU’s leadership team as dean and member of the executive committee, alongside Matthew Bronfman, chairman of the International Steering Committee, and Aaron Frenkel, Limmud FSU’s president.


  • 01.04.2014
    New collaboration for Russian-speaking Jews

    “The Fellowship chose to partner with Limmud FSU because of the leadership, the values, and the impact of the organization,” said Rabbi Eckstein. “Matthew Bronfman and Aaron Frenkel are not just business people and great philanthropists; they are also people with great vision and spirit that give their soul and energy to thousands of youngsters across the world who are on a journey to find their Jewish roots.”


  • 29.03.2014
    Limmud FSU Conference in N.J. to Explore What Makes Russian-American Jews Successful High-Tech Innovators

    Over 800 young Russian-American Jews will come together this weekend for the annual Limmud FSU festival, the largest gathering of Russian-speaking Jews in North America. The three day event is a celebration of Jewish learning featuring a full program of lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, music and a wide-range of cultural events in three languages – Russian, English and Hebrew.


  • 27.03.2014
    Knesset Speaker Launches Gathering of Young Russian Jews

    Speaker of the Knesset, MK Yuli Edelstein, officially launched on Thursday the Limmud FSU conference in the United States, the largest annual gathering of young Russian Jews in North America.


  • 20.03.2014
    Limmud FSU Forges Ahead

    As we travel on behalf of Limmud FSU, from Moscow and Ukraine to Belarus, Israel, Moldova, St. Petersburg, Canada and the United States, we continue to be inspired by the intellectual and spiritual hunger of the participants, who were eager to understand: “What is being Jewish about?” It is the uniqueness of the Limmud model that provides young Russian-speaking Jewry an unfettered, safe environment to learn about their Jewish roots and history and, most importantly, about their place in the Jewish community.


  • 12.03.2014
    Grapevine: Flawed heroes

    Chaim Chesler, the executive director of the Israel Public Council for Soviet Jewry who had worked closely with Bronfman on Soviet Jewry issues, had once asked him why he had not attended a certain ceremony. To which Bronfman had answered: “I’m not for ceremonies.
    I‘m for action.”


  • 08.03.2014
    Edgar Bronfman: A Life Fulfilled

    Organized by Limmud FSU, Hillel Israel and the Bronfman Fellowships, the event featured remarks by Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, Chairman of the Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition Isaac Herzog, Director of the Israel Museum James Snyder, Limmud FSU Founder Chaim Chesler, President Emeritus of Hillel International Avraham Infield and Bronfman’s son, Matthew. Each speaker shared a small piece of Bronfman’s profound influence as an entrepreneur, social activist and visionary. - See more at:

  • 02.03.2014
    We are happy to inform you that registration for the Limmud FSU Moscow 2014 Conference is now open!

    The Conference will take place on 24-27 April at the Klyazma Resort. This is part of the Federal State Establishment Novye Gorki Vacation Center, situated in the Mytischi area of Moscow. 
    To register, please follow this link:
    The link will enable you to choose dates, payment options and to reserve a room. We strongly recommend that you do this sooner rather than later, because the number of participants is strictly limited.


  • 01.03.2014
    We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Galina Levina, Chair of Limmud Belarus, as well as to the entire Jewish community of Belarus on the death of Leonid Levin

    We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Galina Levina, Chair of Limmud Belarus, as well as to the entire Jewish community of Belarus on the death of Leonid Levin.

    His memory will always remain in our hearts and we will always remember him  as a talented artist and an amazing person who devoted his life to arts , society and the revival of the Jewish life in Belarus and abroad.

    We are endlessly grateful that he made a huge contribution to the development of  Limmud FSU in Belarus and served as its honorary chairman.

    Chaim Chesler,

    On behalf of Limmud FSU staff and volunteers


  • 23.02.2014
    Limmud FSU Moldova 2014

    A meeting of the Organizing Committee of the Limmud FSU (Former Soviet Union) Conference, Moldova, took place in the capital, Chişinău (Kishinev,) this week. This will be the second Limmud conference in Moldova and it will take place in May 2014. The first, held in 2012, was an overwhelming success, capturing the hearts of the Jews in Moldova.

    This leading Jewish educational and cultural event will be held in collaboration with all  the Jewish organizations of Moldova. The event will be planned and implemented by a team of local volunteers, activists and representatives of the various organizations. We anticipate that this conference will attract not only the previous participants, but also their relations and friends, and we also expect newcomers who have not participated in Limmud FSU activities up until now.

  • 19.02.2014
    Chaim Chesler calls for closer ties between world Jewry and the Jews of the former Soviet Union

     The chairman of the executive and founder of Limmud FSU (Former Soviet Union), Chaim Chesler, congratulated the new president-elect of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, the British-Austrian businessman, Julius Meinl, on his appointment. 

    Chesler called for a deepening of the relationship between the Jewish citizens in the countries of the Diaspora in general and in particular with those of the Former Soviet Union. He gave an account of the activities of Limmud FSU over the past eight years since its establishment.

  • 16.01.2014
    Ariel Sharon to be commemorated at Limmud event in parents’ former country of Belarus

    To honor late prime minister Ariel Sharon’s family history, Limmud FSU (former Soviet Union) will feature a special event during its June conference in Belarus, where both his parents lived before immigrating to Israel.


  • 28.12.2013
    First Exhibition of Former Soviet Jewish Artists works on the Holocaust to be displayed in Jerusalem

    A moving first-of-its-kind exhibition showcasing the works of Jewish artists from the Former Soviet Union memorializing the Holocaust, will be on display and open to the public free of charge in Jerusalem for one month beginning with its opening on December 29, 2013.
    The idea for the exhibit was born during the Limmud FSU Jerusalem festival, which took place last month with the support of the Israel-based Hashava Company and the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, which is hosting the exhibition.
    Opening event: December 29th, 7:30 pm at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Jerusalem


  • 18.12.2013
    Limmud FSU reiterates its political neutrality amid ongoing anti-government protests in Kiev

    On Friday The Jerusalem Post reported that despite calls by communal leaders for local Jews to avoid involving themselves in massive protests that have rocked the Ukrainian capital, some young Jews working for international organizations such as JDC, Hillel and Limmud have taken to the barricades.
    Alexandra Oleynikova, a young Jewish activist involved in Limmud activities, told the Post that while some Jews stayed away out of fear, others had been “really active” in offering support as well as “organizing the barricades.”


  • 21.11.2013
    Jerusalem Limmud FSU Festival: An Unqualified Success

    Festival participants heard from leading dignitaries and lecturers including, Deputy Foreign Minister MK Ze’ev Elkin, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky, businessman, philanthropist and Limmud FSU International Steering Committee Chairman Matthew Bronfman, MK Ronen Hoffman, Prof. Amir Geva Dr. Aviad Hacohen, CEO Hashava Company Dr. Israel Peleg, CEO Begin Heritage Center Herzl Makov, actress Helena Yaralova, Director Arthur Kogan, Ilan Shchori, singers Dorit Reuveni & Kozmo and musician Leonid Ptashka. The closing event included an unforgettable performance by leading musician Arkadi Duchin.


  • 16.11.2013
    Memorial service held at Limmud FSU for Claims Conference founder Saul Kagan

    A memorial service was held during the Limmud FSU Conference in Jerusalem on Thursday for Saul Kagan, founder and Director of the Claims Conference, who recently passed away


  • 14.11.2013
    Mayor Barkat kicks off Limmud FSU Jerusalem Festival

    Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat on Wednesday joined members of the Peres and Begin families at the capital’s historic train station for the opening event of the Limmud FSU Jerusalem Festival.


  • 14.11.2013
    Grapevine: Honoring two great leaders

    Limmud FSU steering committee chairman Matthew Bronfman, who had attended the original openings, described going to the Former Soviet Union for the purpose as “an incredible journey.” He also voiced “great pride” in the effect Limmud has had on Russian-speaking Jews.


  • 13.11.2013
    To Be or Not To Be a Volunteer?

    The Limmud FSU program is built up by volunteers from the Israeli Russian-speaking community and is directed toward the community. The Organizing Committee consists of some 25-30 young people who construct the framework of the festival and its program. At the festival itself, a team of 60 volunteers does all the essential administrative work: signing-up participants, speaking to presenters, working with caterers, setting up the programs, including a special children’s program, organizing rooms, and much more. In this year’s Jerusalem Art Limmud festival, there will be 220 presenters each with interesting lectures, creative workshops, wine tastings, dance, yoga and music, with some 800 mostly young participants.


  • 11.11.2013
    Jerusalem photo exhibition to celebrate lives of Peres and Begin

    The Limmud FSU Jerusalem Festival, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality and the Begin Heritage Center, will feature more than 800 Russianspeaking Jewish leaders and intellectuals from across the world.


  • 31.10.2013
    Newcomers Enjoy Limmud FSU in St. Petersburg

    On October 23 Limmud FSU came to St. Petersburg for the third time. Some 400 people attended the conference during three wonderful days packed with educational opportunities and entertainment of all sorts; all in the usual Limmud spirit of pluralism and volunteering, together with like-minded people who had come to celebrate the phenomenon of Limmud in Russia and C.I.S.


  • 30.10.2013
    Odessa Corner of Bialik

     “Every time I present a topic at Limmud I don’t know how it will end up,” says Dima Zicer, 46, who is one of Limmud FSU’s ideologists. The evening before our meeting, he had given a talk about Jewish organizations. At the beginning of the talk he told his listeners that he didn’t really know how to tackle the subject. “Let us construct something together,” he suggested. Zicer conducts the aaudience on an uncharted journey hoping to jointly discover new horizons.


  • 23.10.2013
    St. Petersburg, second-largest Jewish community in Russia, to host Limmud FSU

    The three-day conference will offer about 80 seminars, presentations, courses and discussion events on topics ranging from Jewish spirituality, philosophy, ethics, politics, religion, art, and more. Prominent figures in history, science, art, politics, business, and education will present at the event, including famous Kiev-born Israeli actress Helena Yaralova and fashion designer Liliana Modigliani. The Israeli Consul General in St. Petersburg, Ambassador Eddie Shapira, will also attend.


  • 22.10.2013
    Hundreds of young Jews to gather in St. Petersburg, Russia for the Limmud FSU Conference

    St. Petersburg, Russia, October 21, 2013 — Hundreds of young Jews from across St. Petersburg will come together in New Peterhof Hotel, near St. Petersburg, Russia on October 25-27 for the Limmud FSU (former Soviet Union) Conference. St. Petersburg is the second largest Jewish community in Russia today, and it counts around 100,000 Jewish residents (according to the Israeli law of return). Limmud FSU is a festival of Jewish learning featuring a packed program of lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, music and a wide-range of cultural events.


  • 20.10.2013
    Limmud FSU Celebrates its 7th Anniversary

    A global traveler on behalf of Limmud FSU, from Moscow and Yalta to Belarus and Israel, Matthew Bronfman who chairs the International Steering Committee, welcomed guests to his home to celebrate the organization's 7th anniversary. Speaking about Limmud FSU volunteers and participants, he said, "Their passion and their burgeoning interest in their Jewish heritage and roots, reflect their drive and desire to understand what it is to be Jewish."


  • 17.10.2013
    From Tel Aviv to Odessa: Identity with meaning

    A stranger who arrived by chance would have rubbed his eyes in astonishment. More than 600 Jews, most of them young, from all over the former Soviet Union, from Odessa and Zhitomir, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Gomel and Kharkov, Minsk and Kiev, abandoned their usual activities for three days last week and gathered together -- at their own expense -- to study the literary work of Haim Nahman Bialik, from "The City of Slaughter" to the "Book of Legends" to "To the Bird." Arguing, discussing, singing and enjoying every minute.


  • 13.10.2013
    Limmud in Odessa Delights Participants for the Third Time

    This Limmud event took place in Odessa for the third time. You may well ask “Why Odessa?” but the answer is clear. Odessa is one of the cradles of modern Israel with its contribution of so many ideas, future writers and statesmen to the future state. One of the classic homes of Eastern European Jewry, Odessa is the spirit of so many Jewish immigrants, so the question should actually be: where could be more suitable than Odessa?


  • 27.06.2013
    Limmud FSU honors President Peres in his birthplace

    The first official celebration of President Shimon Peres’ 90 birthday took place at his modest childhood home in Vishnyeva, on May 29, just outside of Minsk, in a ceremony organized by Limmud FSU.
    The plaque placed by the home’s front door read: “In this place, Shimon Peres, son of Yitzhak and Sarah Perski, the Nobel Laureate and 9th President of the State of Israel, was born on August 2, 1923.”


  • 18.06.2013
    The Jews of Belarus: from Brisk to Jerusalem

    During the week, more than 500 Jews -- men, women and children -- gathered together for an intensive celebration of Jewish culture and identity. In the land where some 800,000 Jews were led to their deaths in crematoria, gas chambers and in huge pits where they were shot like ducks in a shooting gallery, tens of lectures and presentations took place in front of packed audiences. Among them were speakers from Israel including Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein; the founder and director of the Yiddishshpiel theater company, Shmuel Atzmon; Yaakov Achimeir, the noted television and radio journalist and Israel Prize laureate; Professor Raphael Walden of Sheba Medical Center, together with his wife Dr. Zvia Walden (daughter of President Shimon Peres, who dedicated a center devoted to her father in his birthplace, the nearby village of Vishneyeva); television producer and director Boris Maftzir; singer and actor Sassi Keshet, and others.


  • 09.06.2013
    In Vitebsk, Russian Jews echo Chagall's alienation

    Chagall's legacy is the inspiration for a Limmud FSU arts festival here; last week young Jewish faces appeared in these streets, coming from Moscow, Minsk and Kiev trying to breathe Chagall back in. "I'll take Vitebsk over Paris!" they joke and clink shot glasses in between Limmud lectures on Jewish history, Israeli politics, Soviet art and Yiddish theater.


  • 05.06.2013
    Begin’s 100th Birthday Events Kick Off Today in His Hometown of Brest, Belarus

    A ceremony took place today, June 4th, in Brest, Belarus, the hometown of Former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, to officially launch a series of events around the world marking his 100th birthday.

    The commemoration, which was organized by Limmud FSU and the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, took place in front of the school he attended as a child (Tachkemoni School in Brest; 49 Kuybeshava St.) and was the official launch of a host of events that will occur over the next few months to honor the Former Israeli Prime Minister and Nobel Price Laureate.


  • 23.03.2013
    New survey: Majority of Russian American Jews think Netanyahu is the best PM for Israel. 57% don’t yet feel part of the American Jewish community

    Princeton, NJ, March 18, 2013 – Limmud FSU, a festival of Jewish learning, has just released the results of a new survey on the views of Russian-speaking Jews living in North America. The 10-question survey was sent out last week to over 2,000 of Limmud FSU’s members who reside across the United States and Canada. The vast majority of members are between the ages of 21 and 35, 60% are females and 40% are males, and 20% are married. 218 members took the survey.



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  • 2014
    The Jewish leader who helped to ‘let his people go’

  • 2013
    St Petersburg, Russia - October 25-27

  • 2013
    Limmud Art Jerusalem

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