Galina Rybnikova

Limmud FSU Moldova project manager

“Limmud FSU is a very unusual Jewish project, mostly because this is not only a project, but a way of life. It is real, there is nothing artificial in it. Limmud FSU is a project of friends: everyone who comes to Limmud FSU bring their friends with them, and creates a truly magnificent "chain" reaction that the Limmud FSU celebration is the direct result of it".




Limmud FSU Moldova

Building a sustainable Jewish future

Limmud FSU Moldova strives to reconnect young Jewish adults with their centuries old Jewish roots and Judaic traditions.

Revolutionizing pluralistic Jewish engagement, Limmud FSU brings a festival of Jewish learning, featuring a packed program of lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, music and a wide-range of cultural events to this small Eastern European country. Through the unique experience that the festivals provide, young Moldovan Jews can continue their efforts to build a sustainable Jewish future.

The 2012 first ever Limmud FSU Moldova conference represented the beginning of a substantial relationship, connecting Moldovans, Israel, and the Jewish people.

Making a great impact in strengthening Jewish identity through a unique educational experience featuring Jewish history and culture, a second event took place in 2015 with more than 400 young participants, and in July 2017 a third conference was held in center of Chisinau.